Save the California Mountain Lion

It's not too late to turn the tide for these big cats.
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Mountain lions in Southern California and along the Central Coast are on an extinction trajectory. If nothing is done, some populations could disappear within two decades.

Tell the California Fish and Game Commission we can't let this happen. It must grant these mountain lions protection under the state's Endangered Species Act.

Over the past century, habitat for these big cats has shrunk dramatically and become increasingly fragmented. As a result mountain lions in the Santa Ana and Santa Monica mountains are now suffering from extremely low genetic diversity and inbreeding, and the ones in the Santa Cruz Mountains are showing similar trends.

They're also bombarded by a wide range of other threats, including car strikes, rat poisons, poaching and wildfire.
Send a letter to the state's wildlife officials asking them to protect these big cats before it's too late, and help ensure the survival of this iconic keystone species.

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Photo of Southern California mountain lion courtesy NPS.

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