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Arctic drilling must be stopped.
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Polar bears

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Polar bear cubs, usually born in December, are now denning with their mothers, depending on them for food and warmth.

But startling noise pollution this winter from oil exploration in the Arctic could stop polar bears from feeding or frighten mothers and cubs from their dens.

That's why we just took legal action to stop a project that threatens these bears who are already on the brink.

You can help with an urgent gift to the Saving Life on Earth Fund.

Only 900 Southern Beaufort Sea polar bears remain, making them the most imperiled polar bear population in the world. New oil wells in their midst would be a disaster.

Drilling activity under a five-year, nearly year-round oil and gas exploration project in the Western Arctic Reserve along the Colville River is set to begin within weeks.

It would add up to 90 new miles of snow roads and new air strips — leading to the kind of noise pollution that can scare polar bear mothers out of their dens and away from their cubs.

These polar bears are already suffering in the face of the climate crisis as their Arctic homes disappear around them. The region just experienced its highest-ever recorded temperature.

The last thing the U.S. Interior Department and Bureau of Land Management should be doing is greenlighting a project that threatens an already imperiled species and could lead to billions of gallons of oil being pulled out of the ground.

We'll be in court if this desecration of the Arctic — and threat to polar bears — proceeds.

The extinction emergency and climate crisis are linked. To save life on Earth, we must protect the habitat of imperiled species and end practices that poison our climate.

Please give to the Saving Life on Earth Fund today and help us protect polar bears and the Arctic.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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