Save Moose Mountain for Lynx, Wolves and Bats

Tell the U.S. Forest Service to reject this ski-resort expansion plan.
Canada lynx
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Lutsen Mountains ski resort is planning a massive expansion onto Moose Mountain in the Superior National Forest — smack in the middle of habitat for threatened Canada lynx and other imperiled species.

Will you speak up to stop this destructive project?

The proposed development would put two new base facilities, a mountaintop chalet, two new snowmaking reservoirs, seven chairlifts, a surface lift, a reroute of the Superior Hiking Trail/North Country National Scenic Trail, and 1,260 new parking spaces on 495 acres of public land.

In addition to direct wildlife habitat destruction, the expansion would bring more roads and increased traffic to Moose Mountain, posing additional threats to Canada lynx, gray wolves, moose, and three imperiled bat species — northern long-eared, tricolored and little brown bats — that have been devastated by white-nose syndrome.  

Last but not least, the expansion is opposed by hikers because it will permanently alter the wild and natural character of the Superior Hiking Trail thousands of users cherish and by backcountry skiers because it would develop one of the best backcountry slopes in Minnesota.

Tell the Superior National Forest to protect wildlife and recreation by rejecting the special-use permit requested by Lutsen Mountains.

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Photo of Canada lynx by Eric Kilby/Flickr.

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