Santa Barbara: Stop Exxon's Dirty Plans

Help keep oil trucks off our highways and aging offshore platforms closed.
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Santa Barbara County just released the final environmental impact report for Exxon's plan to restart its aging offshore platforms and truck crude oil up dangerous highways. And no surprise, the final report is just as disastrous as the draft last year.

Exxon's plan would restart drilling from three corroded platforms in the Santa Barbara Channel, which have been shut down since the 2015 Plains Pipeline spill. And it would put up to 70 trucks of oil per day on winding Highway 101 and the two-laned Route 166.  

Tell the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission to reject Exxon's proposal and its threat to marine life, public health and safety, and our climate.

Trucking is one of the most dangerous forms of transporting oil. Tanker trucks spill hundreds of thousands of gallons per year, causing explosions and hurting people. Restarting Exxon's zombie platforms and putting trucks on winding roads is a disaster waiting to happen.

Act now to insist that Santa Barbara County officials deny Exxon's reckless plan. The commission will be holding public hearings for this issue on Sept. 2 and Sept. 9, so now's the time to raise your voice.

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