Sage Grouse Are More Precious Than Gold

Add your voice to protect Long Valley.
Bi-state sage grouse
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Long Valley, at the base of the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, could soon be destroyed in the quest for gold. The valley is home to one of the last unique sage grouse populations in Mono County. Yet the Forest Service is charging ahead to approve gold-mining exploration there without a proper environmental review. 

The life-sustaining wet meadows — active sage grouse mating grounds called leks — would be crisscrossed by numerous drill sites and new roads. This industrial activity could hurt Hot Creek, critical habitat for endangered Owens tui chub that’s also home to endangered Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs. 

Tell the Forest Service not to approve the proposed mining exploration without a full review: These public lands and waters must be protected for future generations.

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Photo of bi-state sage grouse by Jeanne Stafford/USFWS.

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