Restore Protections to the Tongass National Forest

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Bears in the Tongass National Forest
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On his way out the door, Trump unleashed a brazen assault on Alaska's Tongass National Forest. By exempting it from the protection of the Roadless Rule, he opened more than 9 million of its pristine acres to clearcut logging and road building. Now the Biden administration has proposed to right that wrong.

You can help by speaking up for the full restoration of protection to the Tongass.

The Tongass is one of the largest relatively intact old-growth temperate rainforests left in North America. Its magnificent wildlands provide habitat for bears, Alexander Archipelago wolves, salmon and many other species. The forest is the ancestral homeland of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian peoples, supporting wild food harvesting and traditional lifeways. Finally, the Tongass is a key buffer against climate change: Its centuries-old trees soak up carbon pollution that would otherwise worsen the climate emergency.

For wild places, wildlife, people and the climate, urge the U.S. Forest Service to restore full Roadless Rule protection to the Tongass.

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Photo of bears in Tongass National Forest by Mark Meyer/USFS.

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