Rare Nevada Wildflower Threatened by Lithium Mining

Take action to help stop an avoidable extinction.
Tiehm's buckwheat
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Nevada is world-renowned for its remarkable biodiversity, with something new to be found around every corner. Case in point: a rare wildflower called Tiehm's buckwheat that grows on just 10 acres in the rugged Silver Peak Range of Esmeralda County.

The Center has been fighting to save this little buckwheat from a proposed open-pit lithium mine, which would wipe out every last inch of the plant's habitat and drive it to extinction.

Tell the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to grant Tiehm's buckwheat endangered species protection and save this piece of our precious world.

You've probably never seen Tiehm's buckwheat or maybe even been to this western part of the state. But Nevada's ecosystems, fresh air, clean water and food all depend on stopping the extinction crisis. By saving this little flower we're actually saving ourselves.

Speak up today to help this rare plant get the protection it needs to survive.

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Photo of Tiehm's buckwheat by Patrick Donnelly/Center for Biological Diversity.

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