Rare Lynx Threatened by Snares and Traps

Take action to help make our forests safe for these big cats.
Canada lynx
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With a thick winter coat and massive paws that work like snowshoes, Canada lynx are built to thrive this time of year. But instead these big cats are vanishing from our forests due to climate change, habitat loss — and, yes, even trapping. It has to stop.

The Endangered Species Act prohibits any form of lynx capture, but the cats continue to suffer and die in traps set for bobcats, foxes and other wildlife. In Minnesota sickening reports show several recent lynx strangulations from neck snares — yet state officials refuse to act. That's why the Center is taking them to court, and why we need you to join us in demanding action.

Tell Minnesota's wildlife officials to enact new trapping measures to prevent lynx deaths.

A few common-sense restrictions in lynx habitat would help prevent these tragic deaths. But right now state wildlife managers would rather appease a small number of trappers.

Act now to save rare lynx from a cruel, untimely end so they can once again thrive in our forests.

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Photo of Canada lynx by Eric Kilby/Flickr.

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