Push Terrapin Protections Across the Finish Line

Almost there — help us save these little turtles from drowning and collection.
Diamondback terrapin
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Center supporters asked, and Florida listened. Responding to our advocacy, the state’s wildlife commissioners are now considering a final rule to save beautiful diamondback terrapin turtles from drowning in fishing gear and being snatched out of the wild.

But it’s not a done deal. Confirm your support for this lifesaving rule.

Countless terrapins die in crab traps and are plucked out of their wild homes each year. Thanks to your input, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission proposed legislation to curb their drownings in recreational crab traps and ban their wild collection and possession without a permit. Now it’s time for the commission to vote on that rule.

Speak up one more time to save these wild jewels of Florida’s coasts from needless suffering and death.

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Photo of diamondback terrapin courtesy of George L. Heinrich.

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