Protect Rooftop Solar Incentives

Tell the Public Utility Commission: Don’t gut Net Energy Metering.
Rooftop solar
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For-profit utility companies are attacking an important California program that encourages rooftop solar. The Net Energy Metering program empowers individual property owners to install rooftop solar and then sell their extra energy back at full retail rates — crucial for battling the climate emergency by helping to build our distributed solar capacity. 

Speak out in defense of this important program.

Utilities tried and failed to get the legislature to gut Net Energy Metering. Now they’re trying another angle —the Public Utilities Commission. 

Rooftop solar and battery storage are important tools for achieving energy democracy, keeping local money in local hands, and reducing overall costs for ratepayers. Rather than discouraging solar development by gutting this important program, we should be providing financial support to make it broadly available to all Californians.

Tell the commission and Gov. Newsom that you support maintaining and growing Net Energy Metering. It should not be gutted.

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