Protect Our Air From Dangerous Pollution

Tell the South Coast Air Quality Board to adopt a strong refinery rule.
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The Los Angeles area has the worst ground-level ozone pollution in the country. Petroleum refineries are a major source of this pollution, which threatens residents with a range of harms — from asthma and diminished lung function to premature death. 

The South Coast Air Quality District Board is considering a rule that would require refineries to install emissions-reducing equipment. This rule would not only improve public health but create jobs.

Tell the Board to protect communities by adopting Refinery Rule 1109.1.

For decades petroleum refineries have used aging, heavily polluting equipment — forcing neighboring communities to endure dangerous air and an alarming number of toxic leaks, explosions, fires and other preventable tragedies. The technology exists to reduce pollution at refineries, but industry won't adopt those fixes unless it’s forced to.

Add your voice to protect our air and health.

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Photo of oil refinery in Wilmington, CA by Emmett Institute/Flickr.
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