Protect Oregon's Drinking Water From Nitrate Contamination

Tell the EPA to step up and fix this ongoing public-health threat.
Dairy cows at Lost Valley Farm
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For decades eastern Oregonians have been exposed to groundwater nitrate concentrations that routinely exceed both federal and state drinking-water standards, putting the health of people and wildlife at serious risk.

That's why earlier this month the Center and allies filed a Safe Drinking Water Act petition with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Join us in demanding that the EPA take emergency action to address this ongoing threat.

The cause of the groundwater pollution is no mystery. Oregon officials know that the management and disposal of wastes from large-scale animal agriculture in the Lower Umatilla Basin are mainly to blame. The nitrates can accumulate when livestock waste that's stored or overapplied then seeps into the ground. Yet the state is poised to continue with business as usual and approve another mega-dairy, even after the disaster at Lost Valley Farm showed why these huge facilities are such a problem.

Act now to join the Center in fighting for everyone's right to clean, safe drinking water. It's time for the EPA to step up and do its job.

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Photo of dairy cows at Lost Valley Farm by Brian Posewitz.

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