Protect Massachusetts Forests and Our Climate

This is exactly the step forward that we need.
Leominster State Forest in Massachusetts
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An exciting bill to protect Massachusetts' state forests has been introduced in the legislature, and we need your help to champion its passage.

House Bill 897 would enlist all state forest lands — roughly 600,000 acres — in the fight against climate change by protecting them from commercial logging. If it passes Massachusetts would become a model for wildland protection and using public lands to maximize carbon storage and take on the climate crisis.  

Tell your state legislators to protect our forests and climate by supporting this crucial bill.

In 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a dire warning: To avoid catastrophic climate change, we must reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This includes preserving standing forests, which are essential in removing and storing atmospheric carbon. Science shows that if kept intact, forests will absorb carbon at an accelerating rate as they grow older. But if they're logged, most of this carbon will be released. Right now none of our state lands are fully protected from logging.

Please write to your state reps today and urge them to support this important bill to combat climate change. Given the current situation, we'll have to not only cut greenhouse gas emissions but also remove excess carbon already in the air. A great way to do that is to enlist our trees.

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Photo of Massachusetts' Leominster State Forest by 6SN7/Flickr.

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