Protect Grand Canyon From This Disastrous Mine

Tell Arizona officials to close Canyon Mine.
Grand Canyon
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Will you help shut down a toxic, water-sucking uranium mine that threatens the Grand Canyon?

Canyon Mine (recently renamed Pinyon Plain) is located just seven miles from the boundary of Grand Canyon National Park. In 2016, while drilling the mine shaft, operators punctured shallow aquifers. Ever since, precious groundwater has flooded the mine's deep underground workings ever since, where it’s contaminated with high levels of toxic uranium and arsenic. 

This is exactly what hydrologists warned would happen. They also warned that such flooding could deplete the shallow aquifers and permanently pollute deep aquifers that feed Grand Canyon's lifegiving seeps and springs. 

Urge the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to close Canyon Mine before deadly pollution and aquifer depletion harm more of the Grand Canyon's precious water resources.

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Photo of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon by Mark Lellouch/NPS.
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