Protect Florida Waters From Toxic Algae

Urge state officials to support these common-sense measures.
Florida algae
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Florida officials are getting ready once again to evaluate the state's water-quality standards as part of a triennial review. This is our chance to address the toxic-algae nightmare that's been plaguing our precious lakes, rivers and springs.

Tell the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to adopt strict, numeric limits for algae blooms and the dangerous cyanotoxins they produce.

People exposed to cyanotoxins — usually through polluted water, contaminated seafood, skin exposure or inhalation — are at serious risk of falling sick. They're also much more likely to suffer a wide range of health problems, including liver and neurodegenerative disease.

Right now Florida has no set limits for cyanotoxins in recreational waters. So establishing them will help notify the public when blooms become dangerous. It'll also help long-term planning and prevention.   

Act now to send a letter to state officials urging them to set strict limits on toxic algae in Florida.

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Photo of Florida algae courtesy Calusa Waterkeeper.

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