Our Love for the Wild Won't Change

No matter the results of the election, our work to secure a future for all species, great and small goes on.
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Gray wolf

Hi Everyaction,

Like everyone else, we're waiting to see the results of the election.

It's a strange and anxious time, but I want to tell you what won't change, no matter who's in the White House.

For more than three decades, the Center has been fighting to secure a rich and viable future for wildlife, and especially for species that are facing extinction.

At the root of our commitment is a love for these species and a commitment to secure justice for all living things.

That won’t change.

We also remain absolutely dedicated to protecting wild lands and ensuring our water and air are clean. We're fighting for a climate that's livable for all, energy and food systems that are just and sustainable, and a world where we're safe from pesticides and other poisons.

None of that will change.

We're here every day to ensure that wolf howls still echo off canyon walls, whales swim free from entanglements, polar bears have ice to live on, leopards aren't hunted as trophies and Tiehm's buckwheat, a tiny flower that lives only in western Nevada, isn't destroyed by a mine.

We're as laser-focused as ever on doing right by wildlife and wild places.

But we know the world can shift around us in an instant: pandemics, upheavals, elections. We roll with the punches, adjust, adapt and always return to what's needed to protect our wild and beautiful planet.

The Center is built to thrive in dynamic times, and I'm incredibly proud of our expert attorneys, scientists, campaigners and other staff who bring such tenacity and creativity to this work.

It's why, despite difficult political periods, we've still secured protection for more than 700 species and more than a half-billion acres of wildlife habitat.

We find ways to win because we must. There's too much at stake to do anything else.

You can support our fights for the wild with a matched gift to the Saving Life on Earth Fund.

Thanks, as always, for staying at our side, and please know that whatever comes next — and whoever's in the White House — we stand ready.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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Photo of wolf by Per Harald Olsen / Flickr.
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