Oregon: Tell Gov. Brown to Rein in Mega-dairies

It's time to stand up to these polluting factory farms.
Center for     Biological     Diversity   


In 2017 the Oregon Department of Agriculture rushed to permit the Lost Valley mega-dairy in Morrow County, despite community and statewide opposition.

Lost Valley was a disaster. It began violating its water-pollution permit almost immediately, allowing manure pits to overflow and carcasses to pile up. The Center and allies organized to hold Lost Valley accountable for its pollution — and the state did finally shut down the operation. But the cleanup came at a significant cost to taxpayers.

Now a new operator named Easterday wants to restart a mega-dairy on the exact same site, threatening to suck us back into the nightmare.
Join us in urging Gov. Brown to put our environment and communities first by enacting an immediate moratorium on mega-dairies throughout the state.

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