Oppose Fighter Jet Flights Over the Gila Wilderness

Demand that the feds take action now to keep them from disappearing.
Gila Wilderness
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Holloman Air Force Base wants to expand its F-16 pilot training program across southwestern New Mexico and is considering designating airspace for this purpose over 7 million acres of the Gila Wilderness and the Rio Grande Valley.

These lands, and the people and wildlife that call them home, would be subjected to very loud noise, potentially dangerous flares and aluminum chaff, and the threat of military aircraft crashes. Local economies that depend on peaceful and unspoiled landscapes — including tourism, ranching and backcountry recreation — would be put at risk.

All this is unnecessary for national defense — the Air Force itself says it can accomplish its F-16 pilot training expansion within existing military airspace.

Take a moment to urge the Air Force not to expand military airspace over the Gila Wilderness and Rio Grande Valley.

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Photo of Gila Wilderness by Tom Blackwell/Flickr.

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