Oak Flat Needs Arizona’s Senators to Step Up

Tell your senators to cosponsor the Save Oak Flat Act today.
Oak Flat
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As lifegiving monsoon rains descend on Arizona, we know the grace and relief of water in the desert. But one of the state’s most precious places — Oak Flat, a holy site for the Apache down through the centuries — is about to be destroyed for a copper mine that would suck up enormous volumes of our dwindling groundwater.

Tell Arizona's senators to step up and defend both the legacy of Oak Flat and its crucial water.

In addition to being a sacred site to the San Carlos Apache and several other tribes, Oak Flat is a popular campground, world-class climbing area, and home to a diverse array wildlife, including rare and imperiled species. 

In this time of extreme drought, climate emergency and declared water shortages on the Colorado River, it makes no sense to squander our collective water on a destructive project that would offer fairly few jobs to Arizonans.

With the Save Oak Flat Act (S. 915), Congress can stop this injustice before it goes any further.

Tell Arizona’s senators to cosponsor this critical legislation.

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Photo of Oak Flat by Russ McSpadden/Center for Biological Diversity.
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