North Carolina: Let's Get This Climate Plan Right

It's time to demand real climate protections through land conservation.
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Recently the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality released a long-awaited report that shows how the state can use its lands and waters to curb the climate crisis. The plan calls for protecting 1 million acres and restoring another 1 million acres of forests and wetlands.

It's an exciting step forward, but the state must do more to strengthen the plan because right now many protected lands in North Carolina still aren't safe from loopholes that allow destructive logging.

Tell Gov. Roy Cooper to strengthen the state's climate plan so it offers real protection.

Our forests and wetlands provide vital habitat for wildlife, and they pull carbon from the air and defend against extreme heat and flooding. But if the current loopholes are preserved, industrial logging for wood pellets will continue to plague eastern North Carolina and hurt low-income neighborhoods and communities of color near processing plants.

Urge Gov. Cooper to strengthen the state's climate plan so it meets the crisis with the urgency it deserves and doesn't compromise people or our environment. 

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