No New Oil Leasing on Nevada’s Public Lands

Tell BLM to cancel proposed 2022 oil and gas lease sale.
Railroad Valley
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Nevada is reeling from the hottest, driest summer on record — a result of the climate emergency that’s being driven by dirty fossil fuels.

It’s time to say no to more oil and gas leasing on public lands.

President Biden pledged to end fossil fuel leasing on public lands during his administration. But due to a recent court order, the Bureau of Land Management is now planning to offer up more than 10,000 acres of public lands in Nevada for oil and gas production.

The precious public lands being put on the chopping block are home to endangered species like Railroad Valley springfish, iconic wildlife like pronghorn, and resources and sites that are sacred to Nevada's Indigenous people. The BLM is even leasing out wildlife management areas that were designated expressly to protect the state’s rich biodiversity.

We're in a global climate crisis — we can’t keep drilling for oil and gas on public lands.

Tell the Biden administration to cancel this planned lease sale.

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Photo of Railroad Valley by Patrick Donnelly/Center for Biological Diversity.

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