No More Wolf-Killing in the Northwest

Tell Govs. Inslee and Brown to make their state agencies stand down.
Gray wolf pup
Center for     Biological     Diversity   


At any moment, wolves in Washington and Oregon could be gunned down by state agencies.

This state-sponsored wolf killing must end. Tell Govs. Jay Inslee and Kate Brown to block these cruel orders.

Washington's Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued a kill order for up to two wolves of the Togo pack. And in Oregon a kill order is out on the Lookout Mountain pack.

Wolves are protected in Washington, while Oregon prematurely removed state protection in 2015. But both states' wolves are still in the early stages of recovery. Each state has fewer than 200 confirmed wolves, with none in western Washington. Yet agencies continue to kill wolves for livestock operators, putting industry ahead of wildlife and science.

Killing barely recovering wolves over conflicts with livestock should be a measure of last resort. Nonlethal measures are far more effective and save cattle as well as wildlife.

Act now to insist that Gov. Inslee and Gov. Brown step in so more wolves aren't killed or orphaned.

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Photo of gray wolf pup from ODFW.
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