New Mexico: Shut Down This Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Tell BLM officials to keep it in the ground.
Chaco country
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The Trump administration is planning another dangerous oil and gas lease sale for New Mexico in February. Thousands of people plan to file protests opposing the plan.

Will you add your voice?

If we don't speak up, the Bureau of Land Management will lease thousands of acres of public and ancestral tribal lands in New Mexico — including 1,300 more acres in the Greater Chaco region and nearly 14,000 acres in Greater Carlsbad.

In Greater Chaco the BLM foresees thousands more oil and gas wells in an area already besieged by 40,000. Any more will devastate the area's air, water and wildlife. And in Greater Carlsbad oil and gas companies operating in the Permian Basin are completing wells at an astounding rate, contaminating the air and fueling climate disruption.
Please submit your protest today opposing the next sell-off of more public lands for oil and gas development in New Mexico — and make sure to personalize your letter. Our deadline is Monday, Dec. 16.

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Photo of Chaco country in northwest New Mexico by WildEarth Guardians/Flickr.

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