New Hope for Humpbacks' Ocean Home

Take action to help save these magnificent whales.
Pacific humpback whales
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Each spring humpback whales migrate hundreds and thousands of miles to feed in U.S. waters. Fish are flying. Birds are swooping. Every time they breach, it's a sight to behold.

But a host of threats continues to endanger their existence. That's why we've been fighting for them for years — and now, following a Center lawsuit, the federal government has proposed to protect more than 175,000 square miles of humpbacks' ocean habitat in California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

Tell the National Marine Fisheries Service to finalize these protections now and shield humpbacks from ship strikes, noise, pollution, overfishing, oil spills and entanglements.

There's not a moment to lose. At least 54 humpbacks were found tangled up in fishing gear off the West Coast in 2016. And an estimated 22 of these whales die each year in the same area after being hit by ships.

Act now to tell the agency to finalize protections and keep the Pacific healthy for humpbacks.

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Photo of humpback whales by Ashala Taylor/Flickr.

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