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No. 22, April 5, 2018

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This week the yellow lance mussel finally gained much needed protection under the Endangered Species Act. It's one of the lucky ones — dozens of other American freshwater mussel species are also at risk of disappearing forever due to pollution, climate change and other threats. That's not just bad for mussels, it's bad for America's rivers and streams and everything that depends on clean water. Find out more about why mussel extinction sucks — and what some scientists are doing to prevent it.

You know what else sucks? EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt just pulled President Obama's signature fuel-economy rules, which would have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 540 million metric tons. This deregulatory push is a gift to the automotive industry and one more step by the Trump administration that will make climate change even worse.

Government might sometimes fail us, but there are all kinds of ways individuals can help the environment. Several new books coming out this month discuss ways to live a fossil-free life or even a zero-waste lifestyle. Other books being published in April look at Cecil the lion, how to reclaim public lands, indigenous rights and a whole lot more. Check out the full list of this month's new eco-books.

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Our recent investigation dug deep into the environmental health problems on the U.S.-Mexico border caused by decades of neglect on the part of both countries. Read our series, "A Border Betrayed."

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John Platt

John R. Platt
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