Montana: Don't Allow Grizzly Hunting

It's time to speak up again for these magnificent animals.
Montana grizzly bears
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Thanks to a successful lawsuit from the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, grizzly bears in Montana remain federally protected under the Endangered Species Act and can't be hunted. But the Trump administration and various states are still taking every step possible to remove those safeguards. And right now Montana is considering whether it will allow hunting if federal protections are removed.

The Grizzly Bear Advisory Council, convened by Gov. Steve Bullock, is currently taking comments online on this issue and plans to make a formal recommendation on grizzly bear hunting to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

Please take a moment to tell the council that you oppose grizzly trophy hunting. And if you can, personalize your comments using our talking points.

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Photo of Montana grizzlies by Mike Shettel/Flickr.

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