Mojave Desert Threatened by Proposed Gold Mining

Take action to save wildlife from becoming another casualty of corporate mining.
Mojave National Preserve
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A gold mine next to Castle Mountains National Monument in the eastern Mojave could soon reopen, and we need your help to stop it. California officials are considering granting the mine a new permit without accounting for climate change and projected water reductions. But they need this information to make a fair decision.

Tell the California Water Board to deny the permit for the proposed Castle Mountain Mine.

The mine would use precious desert groundwater and cyanide to extract gold, a process that risks polluting groundwater for decades to come with heavy metals and other toxic materials. Reduced groundwater availability, along with potential toxic discharges, could also devastate oases like Piute Springs that are critical for bighorn sheep and migratory birds.

Tell the state water board not to make a decision on the mine's permit until a new environmental review and independent groundwater studies are completed. Together we can help protect precious wildlife and springs from becoming another casualty of corporate mining.

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Photo of Mojave National Preserve by Ron Kroetz/Flickr.

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