Missouri: Say No to Black Bear Hunting

Tell state officials you value these animals alive, not dead.
Black bear
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Once nearly wiped out by exploitation and logging, Missouri's small black bear population has finally begun to rebound.

But now, if the state Department of Conservation gets its way, these bears could once again be under fire. A new proposal from the state to hold a black bear hunting season would benefit only the few who would like to kill these animals for a cheap thrill or sad-looking bear rug. We need your help to stop the hunt.

Bear mothers develop strong bonds during the years that they nurture their cubs; now they could become targets. Because bears are slow to reproduce, hunting could devastate Missouri's small bear population.

Act now to tell state wildlife managers that you appreciate these magnificent animals in the wild and don't want them hunted.

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Photo of black bear by Michelle Buntin/Pixnio.

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