Minnesota: Say No to Wolf Hunting

And urge state officials to create a science-based wolf plan.
Gray wolf
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State wildlife managers are revising Minnesota's wolf plan — and they need to hear that there’s strong public support for continuing wolf recovery and promoting coexistence with these magnificent animals.

Under pressure from anti-wolf interests, Wisconsin managers plan to cut their wolf population in half by hiring "predator controllers" to shoot and trap the animals. Unless we speak up, such aggressive measures could also be in store for Minnesota's wolves.

Any day now the federal government is preparing to remove Endangered Species Act protection from wolves across the lower 48 — so Minnesota urgently needs a science-based wolf plan.

Take the short survey hosted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and tell officials you want a plan focused on saving wolves, not slaughtering them.

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Photo of gray wolf by Jim Liestman/Flickr.

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