Make Our State’s Public Lands Safer for Pets and Wildlife

Call your state representative to pass Roxy’s Law.
Mexican gray wolf
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Roxy's Law — the bill to ban trapping, snaring and poisoning of wildlife on public lands in New Mexico — passed the Senate last week and passed out of its only House committee Sunday. Now we need the full House to get it over the finish line.  

Please call your state representative today to ask them to pass Roxy's Law, S.B. 32.

Traps, snares and poisons kill the animals for whom they’re set, but they injure and kill other animals, too — from domestic dogs to endangered Mexican gray wolves. The bill is named for a dog who got caught in a snare and died.

And traps and snares are cruel. Ethical hunters aim for a quick kill, but animals in traps suffer pain, exposure to the elements, hunger and thirst for long hours before dying.

Neighboring Colorado and Arizona have already restricted trapping. Now your state representative can vote to remove these destructive devices from public lands in the Land of Enchantment.

Make a quick call today to ensure New Mexico is safer for all those who live here.

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