Let's Clean Up UNC's Dirty Coal — Once and for All

Tell the Division of Air Quality not to weaken the existing permit.
Coal train at UNC
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Our state's Division of Air Quality has a terrible new plan for UNC Chapel Hill's coal-burning power plant. 

The university's coal plant has been churning potentially deadly air pollution into the Chapel Hill-Carrboro community for more than 100 years. Among the hardest-hit areas is the historically Black neighborhood of Pine Knolls, which sits directly across the street.

Despite this troubling legacy, the state has proposed a new permit for the plant that would get rid of the most basic pollution-control measure. It's called the heat input limit, and it restricts the amount of coal per hour that UNC can burn. The more coal burned, the more pollution it will send out into the air. 

Tell the Division of Air Quality it must strengthen, not weaken, the controls on UNC's pollution and restore the heat input limit.

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Photo of coal train at UNC by Keith/Flickr.

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