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No. 88, July 11, 2019

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Washington, D.C. got walloped by floods this week as a record-breaking year for rainfall continues. Can we solve this growing problem? Check out our new story where we found that communities across the country are beginning to embrace new kinds of flood plans that put nature back in charge, reduce risk and boost climate resilience.

Concerns are growing about monarchs as their numbers decrease in many parts of their range. There are a lot of great efforts underway to protect the butterflies, but as our new video shows, one common activity intended to help may actually do more harm than good.

Critically endangered right whales are dying in record numbers. But as researchers explain in this essay, a change from the fishing industry could give them a fighting chance.

And in the southern Atlantic, a longstanding political dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom could be pushed aside to help curb threats to squid from illegal fishing near the Malvinas/Falkland Islands.

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Let's go a little deeper. Here are five additional stories that we're watching this week.

1. Trump's speech touting his so-called environmental accomplishments contained a number of lies, one of which claimed the air is cleaner. In fact the number of unhealthy air days across the country is up 14 percent, and greenhouse gas emissions are surging.

2. Researchers have found yet another way light pollution hurts animals: Coral reef clownfish won't lay their eggs if lights, usually from coastal development, are too bright.

3. Twenty-four governors, including three Republicans, are calling on the Trump administration to implement strong gas-mileage standards for cars and trucks. The president is expected to do the opposite.

4. Nearly 600 people were arrested and thousands of animals seized in a global crackdown on illegal wildlife smuggling.

5. A "Blue Tourism" report highlights the environmental risks to popular coastal destinations around the world from vacationers and includes tips for reducing the harms.

In case you missed it:

Trump's record on environmental policy is a hot topic this week after his speech. Here's our look at what he really accomplished in his first two years.

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Tara Lohan

Tara Lohan
Deputy Editor, The Revelator


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