Keep Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs Out of the Crosshairs

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Gray wolf

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More wolf pups and bear cubs in Alaska could soon become targets of trophy hunts.

Trump has tossed out hunting restrictions on baiting bears and slaughtering wolf pups in their dens. Other barbaric tactics, such as using artificial light to take out cubs and even shooting caribou from boats, are on the table.

And he's moved to open up more wildlife refuges to hunting, from Arizona's Cabeza Prieta to Massachusetts' Great Meadows.

Please give now to the Saving Life on Earth Fund as we fight back against this assault. This is the last chance to double your gift before our match ends on Sunday.

Trump and Interior Secretary David Bernhardt are doing all they can to turn even more of the country's wildlife refuges into hunting ranges.

They want to bring the hunting of bears, bobcats, mountain lions and many other creatures into some refuges for the very first time. It's sickening.

We created the Saving Life on Earth Fund to combat the extinction crisis. Every day 22 species go extinct — about one every hour.

But while we're fighting this crisis, Trump has expanded the war on wildlife, further intruding into public lands that should keep wolves, bears and others safe.

With your help we’ll fight to keep refuges safe for wildlife.

We need to end business as usual. That's why we're pushing a plan to protect 30% of wild places by 2030 and 50% by 2050.

And it's why we're calling for an end to live wildlife imports. This will both save wildlife and prevent future pandemics.

These times are trying, challenging our resilience. What keeps us going is our love for wildlife and the natural world they call home.

Our team of scientists, lawyers, campaigners and advocates won't stop fighting for the species that are counting on us. We know you won't, either.

We’ve saved more than 700 imperiled species and over half a billion acres of habitat — and we're not about to let up.

Please give now to the Saving Life on Earth Fund. Gifts through this Sunday will be matched.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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