Keep These Oil Trains Out of Colorado

Let the Forest Service know you oppose the Uinta Basin Railway.
Potential path of the Uinta Basin Railway
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A proposed rail project will bring dangerous oil trains through Colorado, destroy wildlife habitat, and worsen pollution — while adding to the climate crisis. 

Will you take action to stop it in its tracks?

Running from Utah through Colorado to the Gulf South, the proposed Uinta Basin Railway would potentially quadruple fossil fuel extraction in the basin, creating massive amounts of climate-destroying carbon dioxide. 

Rail construction would despoil scenic lands and destroy habitat for wildlife including mule deer, pronghorn, elk and imperiled greater sage grouse. 

Last but not least, the oil trains the railway’s being built to transport will pose severe hazards for a long time to come. These mile-long locomotives will bring clouds of diesel smoke and the risk of accidents, derailments, spills and wildfire-igniting sparks. The railway is a clear safety risk to communities along the Colorado River and the millions of people who rely on its water.

Let the Forest Service know you strongly oppose this destructive project.

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Photo of potential path of the Uinta Basin Railway by Ryan Beam/Center for Biological Diversity.

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