Just Another Tuesday: Three More Legal Actions for Wildlife

No group fights harder for wildlife than we do.

In the few hours since I emailed you this morning, we've taken legal action to protect Arizona's San Pedro River, launched a new fight with the Trump administration over polluting plastic factories and gone to court to protect clean air in North Carolina. We'll never stop fighting for what's right. Please make a matched Giving Tuesday gift now. — Kierán

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Polar bears

Hi Everyaction,

Trump just handed over 18 million acres of Alaska's Arctic Reserve to the oil and gas industry.

This could lead to more than a billion tons of carbon dioxide pollution, worsening the climate emergency and pushing species like polar bears and ice seals to the brink of oblivion.

This attack on our planet and wildlife must be stopped.

Please join the Center's fight with a matched gift to the Endangered Species Act Protection Fund. All Giving Tuesday donations will be doubled.

We're in the fight of our lives to save species that are face to face with extinction.

The administration has delayed protection for hundreds of highly imperiled species, from American wolverines to Hermes copper butterflies.

And Trump is aiming to permanently weaken, even dismantle, the Endangered Species Act.

But the Center's here to stop him.

We've taken legal action against Trump for abandoning red wolves, beluga whales, dunes sagebrush lizards and hundreds of other plants and animals.

We're continuing our fight to restore protection to gray wolves across the country.

And in one of the largest lawsuits in the Act's history, we took legal action to secure listing decisions for 274 imperiled species.

Please join our efforts to fight for endangered species, the habitat they need, and the lifesaving law that's behind so much of our work.

We're in court to keep the Act in place as a crucial lifeline for biodiversity and stop it from being reduced to a green light for plundering public land for private profits.

So much is at stake. The extinction crisis, worsened by the climate emergency, makes this a defining moment in our fight to save life on Earth.

We're the one group that never turns its back on any species clinging to survival. Our team of lawyers, scientists and activists will fight for every threatened mammal, reptile, bird, insect and plant.

Double your Giving Tuesday gift to the Endangered Species Act Protection Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


P.S. Over the course of 30 years, the Center has secured Endangered Species Act protection for 709 species and half a billion acres of critical habitat. Join our fight with a matched gift today.

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