It’s Time to Ban Oil and Gas Leasing in the United States

To tackle the climate and extinction crises, fossil fuels must remain in the ground.
Kemp's ridely sea turtle hatchling
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In a big victory for the climate movement, a federal court has thrown out the largest Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease sale in history — saying the Biden administration hadn't adequately considered the climate impacts of drilling.

Now we need to turn up the pressure to make sure Biden follows through on his promise to ban all new federal fossil fuel leasing and drilling on public lands and oceans.

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Our demands are clear: The Interior Department must ban all new oil and gas lease sales and phase out existing extraction. Amid the climate and extinction crises, new fossil fuel infrastructure is a death sentence for people and wildlife everywhere.

Tell the Biden administration it's time to ban all new oil and gas lease sales and drilling.

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Photo of Kemp’s ridley sea turtle hatchling by Terry Ross/Flickr.

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