It’s Time to Ban Elephant Trophy Imports

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Savanna elephants
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One of Africa’s most iconic species is sliding toward extinction. Savanna elephants have declined by 30%. Yet this month, the United States may again let hunters import their body parts as trophies.

We can’t let that happen.

U.S. trophy hunters play an outsized role in killing African animals for sport. For years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service put a pause on letting them bring back trophies. But after a hunting group sued, the agency agreed to decide — by March 16 — whether to again allow savanna elephant imports from Zimbabwe and Namibia. 

The Center and allies are calling on the Biden administration to end those imports once and for all, banning them under the Endangered Species Act. But we need your help.

Tell the Service not to let hunters import these magnificent creatures as head mounts, poached ivory tusks or any other meaningless trophy.

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Photo of savanna elephants by Bernard DUPONT/Flickr.

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