It’s Time for Gov. Newsom to Lead on Climate

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Dixie Fire
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The recall is over, but California’s still on fire. Climate change is fueling the horrific wildfires, drought and heat waves ravaging our state. 

It’s time for Gov. Newsom to take concrete steps to end the fossil fuel production driving climate change and protect communities from toxic oil and gas drilling. 

Call 1-877-434-0011 to tell Gov. Newsom to (1) stop permits for new oil and gas wells and (2) end neighborhood drilling with a 2,500-foot health buffer between toxic wells and places people live, work and learn.

Thanks to public pressure, Gov. Newsom has taken steps in the right direction. But so far those steps have been too small and too slow. We can't wait until 2024 for a ban on new fracking permits. We can't wait until 2045 to phase out oil and gas production. The devastation of the fossil-fueled climate emergency and the injustice of neighborhood drilling demand urgent action. 

Call 1-877-434-0011 to urge Gov. Newsom to stand up to Big Oil and take action now. 

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Photo of Dixie Fire courtesy of CalFire.

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