It’s Time for Big Action on Single-Use Plastic

The U.S. government can create change through its spending policies.
Single use plastic
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The world faces a pollution crisis driven in large part by the use and disposal of single-use plastics. 

Plastic production fuels the climate crisis and damages communities with toxic air and water pollution. Once discarded, plastic clogs our rivers and oceans, harms wildlife, infiltrates our drinking water, and persists in the environment for centuries. Plastic is a threat to human health, exposing us to chemicals linked to many of the known public health crises of our time, including obesity, ADD/ADHD and many forms of cancer.

But there's still time to make the big changes we need.

The U.S. federal government is the single largest consumer in the world and can leverage its purchasing power to catalyze a sustainable marketplace. Its spending strategy can act as a market leader, driving change across entire industries. It has the power to significantly reduce the production of plastic and its disposal in landfills and incinerators and spur demand for better alternatives.

Urge the General Services Administration, the procurement arm of the government, to prohibit federal agencies from buying single-use plastic products.

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Photo of single-use plastic by Bristol Green Party/Flickr.

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