Idaho’s Wolves Need Your Help

Contact Gov. Little to stop a horrific bill from becoming lethal law.
Gray wolf pups
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Wolves in Idaho are in deep trouble. Earlier this year the state Fish and Game Commission enacted rules dramatically expanding wolf-killing. Now the state legislature is considering a bill that, if signed into law, will result in a bloodbath for wolves. 

It could mean the brutal slaughter of 90% of Idaho's wolves.

Senate Bill 1211 lets the state hire private contractors to shoot, trap and snare wolves. It triples state funding to kill wolves. It allows wolf-trapping on private property all year; lifts restrictions on how many wolves someone can kill; and combines hunting, trapping and snaring of wolves all on one tag. It even lets people hunt and run over wolves in ATVs and snowmobiles. 

The bill's proponents argue it's needed to address livestock conflicts and wolf impacts on deer and elk. But Idaho's wolf-caused livestock losses are minimal, and most of the state is at or above deer and elk population goals. Even with those facts, proponents want to kill more than 1,300 wolves anyway.

Our only hope is for Idaho Gov. Brad Little to refuse to sign this bill. Contact him now to tell him Idaho needs wolves and shouldn't hunt them back toward extinction.

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Photo of gray wolf pups by Hilary Cooley/USFWS.

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