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After twice delaying its decision due to opposition from developers, the California Fish and Game Commission will vote later this month on Sept. 22 on whether to grant western Joshua trees protection under the state's Endangered Species Act.

Tell state officials to immediately protect western Joshua trees and to provide permits only for activities that truly conserve this increasingly imperiled species.

This legal protection can't come too soon. The Joshua tree is one of the most iconic species of the Mojave Desert. But it's on an extinction trajectory due to climate change, fire and development. Every year thousands of Joshua trees are mowed down to make way for roads, pipelines, energy facilities and numerous other poorly planned development projects. And the destruction is accelerating.

In addition to deciding whether to protect Joshua trees, the commission will also decide which projects will be given exemptions from the law's protection mandates.

Act now to insist that the commission grant Joshua trees the strongest protections possible.

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Photo of Joshua tree by Christopher Michel/Flickr.

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