How Biden Can Fight Wildlife Crime, COVID-19 and Climate Change

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Wildlife skins

No. 159, Nov. 19, 2020

Hello Revelator readers,

Could the incoming Biden–Harris administration become a force for the world's wildlife? Our latest op-ed explores three ways Biden can lead in the fight against wildlife crime.

Meanwhile the new administration is already ramping up to address the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. As climate expert Elizabeth Sawin writes, both crises can be tackled at the same time.

Famed scientist Linda Cayot played a key role in restoring Galápagos tortoises and other species. Now retired, she offers four lessons for the next generation of conservationists.

Big Dam Update:

After a series of delays, the world's biggest dam-removal project is now back on track. Our story from last year explains why the removal of four dams on the Klamath River is a such a huge deal.

Subscriber bonus: The Wild 5

1. "Trump Officials Rush to Auction Off Rights to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Before Biden Can Block It" (The Washington Post)

2. "What Will Happen to Border Wall Construction Under a Biden Presidency?" (The Arizona Republic)

3. "Climate Change: Hurricanes Get Stronger on Land as World Warms" (BBC)

4. "Scientists Discover New Endangered Primate Species, With Only 260 Left" (CNN)

5. "New Atlantic Marine Sanctuary Will Be One of World's Largest" (National Geographic)

What should we cover next?

Our stories rely on insight from experts, frontline activists and readers around the world — especially these days, when so much damage is being done behind the scenes, out of the public eye. We want to hear from you, so please drop us a line anytime.

Coming up:

How many states could be fully powered by renewable energy? We'll have the answer tomorrow. After that, we'll continue looking at ways the Biden administration can tackle important environmental issues, while also diving into seagrass.

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John Platt

John R. Platt
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Photo of wildlife skins by Bill Fitzpatrick/USFWS.

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