Help Stop an Oil Disaster in the Making

Tell Biden administration to reject a massive offshore oil-export facility in the Gulf of Mexico.
Kemp's ridley sea turtle hatchling
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Amidst the escalating climate emergency and the unfolding environmental disaster in California from yet more spilled oil, the Biden administration is considering approving a ticking time bomb in the Gulf of Mexico. Thirty-five miles off the coast of Texas, the proposed Texas GulfLink offshore oil-export facility would transport up to 745 million barrels of oil every year — more than oil companies produce offshore in the entire Gulf of Mexico annually.

Help prevent another disaster on the scale of Deepwater Horizon.

The project would wreak havoc on Gulf communities, wildlife and our climate. It would lead to more toxic air pollution, more oil spills, and more devastating greenhouse gas emissions. 

By law the Maritime Administration can only approve the project if it first finds that the project is “in the national interest.” 

Tell the agency: This project is anything but that.

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Photo of Kemp's ridley sea turtle hatchling by Terry Ross/Flickr.

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