Help Stop The Destructive Uinta Basin Railway in Its Tracks

Tell regulators this expensive project isn’t worth wrecking our climate, wildlands and air.
Stop the Uinta Basin Railway
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The proposed Uinta Basin Railway would be a train wreck for our air, wildlands, climate and communities. This multi-billion-dollar boondoggle would ruin more than 10,000 acres of habitat for migratory wildlife and endangered species while worsening the climate crisis. 

But you can help stop it.

The Surface Transportation Board has released this project's draft environmental impact statement for review by the public — including you. But the board is only accepting comments until Jan. 28., so you need to take action now.

In Colorado the project could mean rebuilding a rail line through scenic Tennessee Pass, despoiling scenic lands and wildlife habitat to get oil trains to the Gulf Coast. Mile-long oil trains could rip through sensitive areas like Browns Canyon, a rugged 22,000-acre national monument designated in 2015 to protect one of the wildest stretches of the Arkansas River.

In addition, the railway plan is designed to dramatically increase oil and gas extraction — it could quadruple crude-oil extraction — that’s already poisoning the Uinta Basin's air and drifting downwind into Colorado. 

Tell the Surface Transportation Board to stop the Uinta Basin Railway in its tracks.

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