Help Save This Biodiversity Hotspot

Tell Sec. Crowfoot to advocate for important protections for this special area.
Tesla Park
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We have a chance to protect Alameda County’s Tesla Park, a biodiversity hotspot hailed by naturalists, tribes, ecologists and communities alike. Will you help?

Tesla Park is home to a multitude of threatened, endangered and special-status species. It provides sensitive vegetation habitats and is part of a critical wildlife corridor. But for more than 20 years, it’s been threatened by off-highway vehicle use. 

Unfortunately, the Newsom administration did not support including Tesla Park preservation in the recently passed budget.  But Governor Newsom can change course and still support other legislative efforts through a budget trailer and AB 1512 (Bauer-Kahan) to ensure Tesla Park will be permanently preserved for nonmotorized use. 

Tell Secretary Crowfoot of the California Natural Resources Agency to stand up for California’s biodiversity by requesting protections for Tesla Park.

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Photo of Tesla Park courtesy of Friends of Tesla Park.
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