Help Rural Colorado Embrace Clean Energy

Support Jim Riggins' bid to lead the Mountain View Electric Association.
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Rural Coloradans have a chance to embrace clean energy this June when the Mountain View Electric Association holds its next election for board of directors. If you're a member of this influential co-op, your vote is extremely important.

The Center for Biological Diversity is pleased to endorse Jim Riggins for the District 7 race.

Jim is a retired Air Force electrical engineer, pilot and commander. He's a professional building-energy analyst and retired from his small business as a building-efficiency consultant. A member of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, he is a strong advocate for replacing the coal-based electricity of Tri-State Generation with cheaper, cleaner and more rate-stable energy that's renewable.

Ballots will be mailed on May 5 and must be received by June 4. If you're receiving this and aren't a member of the co-op, please talk to friends and relatives who are members and encourage them to vote for Jim.

Then please let us know that you plan to vote for Jim Riggins and clean energy.

Yes, I'll vote for Jim.
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Photo of Colorado wind energy by UCAR/Flickr.

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