Help Protect the Western Arctic

Urge President Biden to withdraw Trump's approval of a massive Arctic oil project.
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In its final hours, the Trump administration rushed to approve ConocoPhillips' Willow oil and gas drilling project in Alaska's Western Arctic. The 23-million-acre area is our nation's largest single unit of public land. 

This project involves drilling up to 250 wells and constructing a processing facility, airstrip and gravel mine. Hundreds of miles of ice roads and pipelines would permanently scar the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska and would harm wildlife, and even risk crushing polar bears in their dens.
It would destroy essential habitat for caribou and hundreds of bird species whose lives touch our own as they migrate, every year, through the lower 48. It would lead to oil spills and air pollution, threatening Native communities on Alaska's North Slope. 

Ask the Biden administration to protect the Arctic by stopping the Willow project.

Alaska has warmed more than twice as fast as the rest of the United States over the past 60 years. This warming is already causing coastal erosion, harming numerous species that depend on the frozen landscape to survive and thawing the permafrost. Shockingly, ConocoPhillips' plan involves using giant chillers to refreeze permafrost to ensure a solid drilling surface. 

Allowing this massive oil project to be developed would fly in the face of President Biden's pledge to address the climate crisis. 

Tell the Biden administration: Trump's approval of this huge oil project can't be allowed to stand.

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