Help Oakland Plan for a Climate-resilient Future

This is our chance to chart a path for other cities to follow.
Oakland's Lake Merritt
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We need your help to make sure Oakland has a strong and equitable plan to tackle the climate crisis. Without reliable leadership at the national level, cities are at the forefront of the fight.

Thankfully Oakland is developing a plan to reduce our carbon footprint and build as much resilience as possible. Let's make sure it's done right.

Urge Oakland officials to create a strong and just climate-action plan to carry the city through the next generation.

The new plan must aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and quickly move the city away from fossil fuels. It should also support walkable and bikeable communities, while encouraging ecosystem-restoration projects that'll absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

And importantly, the plan must ensure that communities most harmed by climate change have a central role in the new, low-carbon economy. No one can be left out. That means a pathway to jobs, increased access to free public transit, and an end to pollution in frontline neighborhoods.

Act now to weigh in on this new plan and help Oakland chart a path for other cities to follow.

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Photo of Oakland's Lake Merritt by Thomas Hawk/Flickr.

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