Help Keep Wolves, Grizzlies Safe From Montana's Snares

We've taken legal action to save wildlife in Montana.
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Strangulation snares are barbaric devices, constricting the necks of their victims. The deaths they cause are gruesome and painful.

Yet Montana has just, for the first time, approved the use of snares to kill more wolves — and in doing so, may cause the suffering and death of species like grizzlies and lynx.

This misguided assault on wildlife is cruel and illegal, so we've taken action to ban snares where they could kill endangered species.

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Last month Montana passed legislation that could lead to the slaughter of more than 85% of the state's wolves. Trappers will now be able to snare multiple wolves, and the state's trapping season has been expanded by four weeks.

That extension of trapping is life-threatening to wolves — and other wildlife in Montana.

Lynx are easily caught in traps, so more snares will be a disaster for them. The snares will also threaten grizzly bears, since wolf-trapping will be allowed while grizzlies are feeding and searching for mates.

We won't allow threatened and endangered species to be collateral damage in the state's war on wolves. If Montana doesn't reverse course on its new wolf-hunt regulations, we'll see its lawyers in court.

The planet is in the midst of an extinction crisis. The web of biodiversity that sustains ecosystems across the country is on the verge of collapse — while states push for more death.

Gray wolves in the lower 48 have never been more at risk.

And an attack on one species is an attack on the species around them. States like Montana can't be allowed to manage wildlife in a way that eradicates one species while pushing others closer and closer to the brink.

We're ramping up our fights for wolves and all species threatened by the war on wildlife. Wolves, grizzlies and lynx are counting on us.

Please help with a gift today to the Predator Defense Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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