Help End Cruel Wildlife-Killing Contests

Tell Congress to ban mass slaughter competitions on all U.S. public lands.
Coyote pups
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Each year thousands of native carnivores and other wildlife — including coyotes, foxes, bobcats, mountain lions and even wolves — suffer and die in cruel killing contests, where event organizers give prizes to participants who kill the most, largest or smallest animals.

These mass slaughter contests are ecologically harmful. They disregard the important roles of their targets — like coyotes and foxes keeping rodent populations in check — and poison eagles, condors, and other scavengers who feed on the lead bullet-riddled carcasses.

These wasteful and unsporting contests also put animals who aren’t targeted, such as pets and endangered species, at risk of being shot or caught in painful traps. More than 20 dogs have been killed across the United States and Canada because they were mistaken for coyotes.

Thankfully, concerned members of Congress have introduced legislation that would ban these contests on more than 500 million acres of public lands.

Help save countless animals from needless suffering and death: Tell your representative to support the Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests Act of 2022.

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Photo of coyote pups by Jim Kennedy/Flickr.

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